en Route to Kruger 2023

en Route to Kruger 2023

With a series of cold fronts ready to sweep over the Cape, on 10th June 2023 we make a timely retreat towards the warmer, eastern side of the country. We are first going to spend a month at Ballito on the KZN coast, then head for six weeks in Kruger Park going via Jo’burg. So on the 10th, Renette flies off to the grandchildren in Jo’burg whilst I hook up the caravan and, a little flu-ridden, leave Somerset West behind me. Driven on by a brisk wind, I make good time across the Karoo to Beaufort West where I spend two nights at beautiful Karoo National Park. Readers will know that I have a special liking for this place and I enjoy a full day on the 11th enjoying its beauty – both scenic as well as the birds and animals.

Grey Rhebok
Klipspringer at the top of Klipspringer Pass
A typical Karoo scene
Some Eland catching the last rays from the sun setting behind the mountains
Double-banded Courser

Monday, 12th June I set off for Bloemfontein where I will overnight at the so convenient Reyneke Park. Despite pulling a large caravan and competing with so many lorries, I find the trip easy and relaxing. I am fortunately not stressed by long drives whereas Renette does struggle.

Tuesday, 13th June I am up at 3am and with the temperature reading 0 degrees C I head for KZN which I reach at about midday. I set up the caravan at the excellent Dolphin Resort where we are going to spend a full month. Renette flies down from Jo’burg the next day Wednesday and all is ready to enjoy this magnificent SA winter refuge. Most of you will know what the KZN coast is like and so much do we enjoy ourselves that we vow to make this an annual visit. A nearby international surfing competition is being held and what an experience to be on the beach watching the sun rise above the waves.

Of course both Rennette and I are KZN born and bred so we so enjoyed visiting family and friends, The month flies by and on 13th July we finally pack up and head for Jo’burg where we will stay with son David and family whilst we prepare for our  last leg of the trip to Kruger,

Jo’burg’s northern suburbs have and amazing array of birds. These are two photos of a Rameron Pigeon (African Olive Pigeon) in the garden in Kyalami.

On Tuesday, 18th July 2023 we finally head east for Kruger through the choking air pollution of Mpumulanga and then on to that winter refuge of so many Saffas – the Lowveld. We arrive at Crocodile Bridge at 1pm after an incident free trip.

The Kruger diaries will follow shortly.