Addo NP 14th October

Addo NP 14th October

Today is the first day of the trip where there is a summery feel about it – much to my pleasure. We pack up in warm conditions and leave the lovely Green Fountain Farm caravan park with only the poor internet to complain about.

The short trip from Port Alfred to Addo only takes two hours, interrupted by a lunch break at the outstanding Nanaga Farm Stall at the junction of the N2 to Grahamstown, the N10 to the Freestate and the R72 to Port Alfred. Anyone travelling this route is duty bound to stop here and at least sample their famous pies. This place oozes ‘gold mine’ and good luck to them.

We arrive at Addo at about 2pm and then have a little effort squeezing our large caravan into the small campsite. We have become used to good natured banter from fellow campers and one today announces that the “Taj Mahal” has arrived. They can joke as much as they like but this is now our home and we value our comforts.

At 4.30pm in lovely evening light we venture out into the reserve and what a pleasure it is to be hunting down again animals and birds with my new D850 camera.

Addo is surprisingly dry and has not caught the good rains of the westerrn Cape and the coastal belt. Of course Addo consists of typical eastern Cape vegetation, low bush, no trees to speak about and with very little over 3m in height. I suppose it is very much Kruger’s poor cousin but we nevertheless have a really pleasant evening packed with interest.

Pale Chanting Goshawk
Yellow Mongoose

But the highlights for me was this Malachite Sunbird that was busy feeding off a flowering bush.

The way back to camp is blocked by this ellie, silhouetted against the setting sun.

Back through the gate just in time at 6.30pm and we really look forward to expploring this park which for some reason we have never got to grips with.