Lower Sabie 28th November

Lower Sabie 28th November

Today is the start of a series of hot days that are forecast to extend into next week. So we are out of the gates at 4.30am into the cool, crisp air with a bright cloudless sky.

We are tackling our old favourite, the Salitje S30 this morning and the sun rises at 4.55am as we are travelling up the S128 towards Mafourteen. Today seems to be the day of the eagles as we come across a series of these beautiful birds perched on trees.

Immature Bateleur
Martial Eagle
A Tawny Eagle changing over from his light, adolescent plumage.

The beauty of Kruger is that interest ranges from the biggest to the smallest. A Slender Mongoose sticks his nose out into the fresh air of the new day.

Seeing the spectacular sights that we saw last Sunday I suppose is expecting much but we do will some cats to show themselves. However, they remain hidden. We stop for breakfast at that most picturesque spot in Kruger – the conflence of the Nwatindlophu and Sabie rivers.

The road though is filled with continual interest.

A battered Spotted Hyena

At the high-level H12 bridge over the Sabie we note how the river has subsided since Tuesday morning and how the water has cleaned. I forgot to mention on Tuesday how conspicuous was the divide between the cleaner Sabie waters and those of the brown silt laden Sand River that merge just above the bridge.

We call at Nkuhlu for a pit-stop and learn that it is just about to receive a revamp – which can’t come sooner.

Next is an immature Bateleur that is just changing over to its adult form.

Below the Nwatimhiri Causeway Loop a bunch of cars tell us that there at two mating leopards down in the riverbed. After some searching, we finally locate them and I take a long distance shot of them hidden in heavy greenery.

Back to camp where we seek refuge in our air conditioned chalet and caravan as the temperature climbs into the high thirties. Frequent power outages and Vodacom problems make things a little trying. We venture out again at 5pm and amble up the river road without seeing anything unusual.

We end the day braaiing and all agreeing that maybe we did not see anything spectacular but it was nevertheless a most enjoyable day.