Skukuza 15th November

Skukuza 15th November

To their great credit Dave, Steph and children are all ready at 4.20am and out the gates we go on yet another clear, still day. Of course we are introducing our visitors to Salitje S30 road – our favourite at Skukuza.

Down the H4-1 Sabie river road we come across yet another pack of wild-dogs but these are scattered through the bush and give every indication that they have an impala in mind. It is so apparent what keen hearing they have as their cupped ears pick up sounds of how the hunt is faring. They really are remarkable animals. After a while they vanish into the bush and it is only with some great fortune that one is going to witness a catch in the thick bush.

Coffee again on the high-level bridge and then onto Salitje just as the sun rises. Approaching the Nwatindlopfu stream a plume of dust ahead has us a bit perplexed but we soon come upon this scene.

To me these large buffalo herds are one of the great sights of Kruger. They are making for the river and from the lookout point, we watch some at the water’s edge below.

We push on for about 10Km’s and then turn at the ‘duck pond’ and retrace our steps. A Wattled Lapwing is scuttling about at the side of the road.

David is a real sharp shooter and picks out this African Hawk-eagle resting in a tree – unfortunately taking up a slouched posture.

Back at the lookout point, we find that the buffalo have arrived in force and enjoying themselves in the water. We note our lurking large croc skulking under some overhanging foliage upstream well out of harm’s way.

Despite their great force of numbers whereby they could defend themselves against any threat, they suddenly panic and stampede out of the water up the nearby bank.

Something else that was once a rarity in the park but now is prolific is the White-crowned Lapwing.

Of interest are his impressively sharp Carpal spurs

You may remember the Goliath Heron that was nest building. We discover that he is erecting his nest directly above us in the tree under which we are parked.

The children have been so good in the vehicle but by 8am everyone is tiring so we head back to camp after a most interesting morning. The temperature rises to 36℃ today so the swimming pool beckons.

This evening we go out again across the Sabie and Sand rivers and then come back slowly along the Maroela loop S83. We see some stately Kudu bulls……..

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…….. and the a flock of the beautiful White Helmet-shrikes.

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Perhaps not the high drama that we had yesterday with the dogs but a very interesting and enjoyable day.