Skukuza 7th December

Skukuza 7th December

Today marks a momentous day for us. We have spent close on 7 months in Kruger during 2019 and tomorrow we leave for Jo’burg, a day or two early, but only because of commitments back home in Ballito and because rain is forecast for the next few days.

So, to mark our last day in Kruger we decide to repeat that great drive we had yesterday down to Biyamithi Weir along the S114. And what a good choice it proves to be but for different reasons. There are only three cars in the queue at 4.30am and once we get onto the S114 gravel road, we don’t see another car for the next two hours. Really Skukuza is a very good option in summer when tourists only struggle out of bed at 8am.

We stop at Renoster water trough for coffee and admire yet another sunrise.

Nearby a Pin-tailed Whydah is typically harassing his mate.


We continue down the S114 bathed in beautiful morning sunshine arriving at Biyamithi weir at 6am. Again, we travel all the surrounding roads hoping for a leopard before taking up our position next to the weir.

Yesterday it was leopards whilst today it is the Biyamithi pond itself which is absolutely seething with activity.

White-faced Ducks
Grey Heron
Spur-winged Geese
Our “rubber necked” Green-backed Heron is still busy.
A brood of Egyptian Goose goslings.
We had been sitting for quite a while when suddenly this unexpectedly surfaced right next to us.

But without a doubt the star of this morning’s show was a pair of Saddle-billed Storks that were busy feeding right next to us. What a sight they are in this rich morning light.

We spend a full two hours enjoying this marvellous spectacle until the good photographic light disappears and we return to camp.

With rain forecast from 6pm this evening, we begin our packing at midday as the sky clouds over. Later, we do a final trip out across the Sand River, the Maroela loop, along the H12 to the high level Sabie bridge and then back to camp at 5pm.

My goodness but we have a kaleidoscope of memories from our 2019 Kruger visit. It has just been magnificent and we just cannot tire of it. These last two days have been just as thrilling as when we first entered the Park on January 20th.

Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful year and we look forward to returning again in the new year when you will receive notification that I am back in action.