Karoo National 19th September

Karoo National 19th September

So much did we enjoy the Lammersleegte Loop yesterday that we are going to repeat it again. There is a little cloud in the east this morning so the sun appears a little later. This September climate here is just superb – endless sun, clear skies and cool weather, rather like April-May in the eastern part of the country. We are so pleased to have chosen to come to the Cape at this time of the year.

We stop next to a thicket which runs along a dry water course and spend time with the birds. The beautiful Bokmakierie is so pleasant to the eye and ear. Such a rich, liquid call similar to the Boubou Shrike.

Cape Sparrow

I suppose that there is nothing really exciting to write about this morning trip but it is packed with interest and hardly a dull moment.

Female Cape Sparrow

We return to camp at 10.30am but not before a Grey Rhebok runs over the road ahead of us.

(My Library)

Renette magically produces a roast lamb for lunch with all the trimmings – courtesy of our little portable oven. It is amazing how organised we have become with every comfort one could wish for.

At 3.30pm we again head for……… Lammertjiesleegte Loop. During the first circuit all is quiet but when we repeat the loop at 5pm, what a change. The birds are suddenly active.

Spike-heeled Lark (One can see from where he derives his name)

I stop to photograph two Steenbok but Renette alerts me to a truly lovely scene some distance ahead of us. A male Ostrich is courting a female and is going to extraordinary lengths to win her favour.

Next he ‘kneels’ on the ground and flops his wings about in quite a spectacular fashion – beseeching his lady to co-operate.

But she is unimpressed and after a while he gives up and sadly trails away. I for one thought he deserved better after his beautiful show.

Fortunately the Steenbok are still there and I manage an evening shot of one.

We are back in camp at 6pm and agree how privileged we are to be living this life in the most perfect surroundings.