Karoo National 18th September

Karoo National 18th September

You will remember from yesterday that I have determined to hunt down the Dusky Sunbird today. A common bird in the arid regions of SA but absent from my home in the eastern part of the country.

I am early out of the gate and headed for Lammertjiesleegte Loop. For some reason that escapes me, there is a boom blocking entrance to this road which they only open at 7am. So to kill time, I go along the road towards the maingate and watch the sun slip over the horizon at 6.20am.

If you look carefully to the right of this photo you will see the lights of Beaufort West. So I must make good use of the beautiful early sunlight and begin with a Mountain Zebra.

I can then scarcely believe my eyes when a Male Dusky Sunbird settles on a bush right next to me and I get my shot – without even trying. That was just too easy.

Rather bemused I return to the Lammertjiesleegte loop road and see the following sights.


Springbok, unlike impalas, can drop their calves throughout the year. I am rather surprised to come across this mum with her youngster.

Like yesterday there are constant bits of interest along the entire length of road. I then return to camp and, still in the Quantum and with my bird caller, take up a position near a streambed thicket. And of course the first bird that I get is another Dusky Sunbird.

Dusky Sunbird
Female Red-billed Firefinch with a fluffy feather in its beak.

The weather is just superb at this time of the year. Renette and I walk up to the restaurant for lunch, some 2Km distant, but find that they only serve breakfast and supper. Then rather shamefully we cadge a lift back to the campsite in a Parks Board golf cart.

This afternoon I shoot up the Klipspringer Pass again and at the top find one of these little antelope, perched on a rock.


Thereafter a small herd of “brown” kudus and then a lovely White-backed Mousebird.

White-backed Mousebird
At the top of the Pass, the land opens out onto a plateau of sorts.

At 6pm Renette and I visit the restaurant for supper and enjoy a really good meal. Karoo National is doing us proud.