Karoo National

Karoo National

Friday, 24th June

A lovely stopover on our way back to the Cape Is Karoo National Park, just outside Beaufort West. We arrived here at 2pm this afternoon after travelling through a rain soaked Karoo with sheets of water lying everywhere. I suppose that this is South Africa where anything can happen weatherwise.

The Karoo National Restcamp set amongst the mountains – still shrouded by rain clouds

Late afternoon we travel out east around the lowland loop without seeing much but on the way back we came across two lionesses. Now readers of my Kruger diary will know that I am often sounding off about the poor condition of the Kruger lions when compared to those of the Kgalagadi. Well, take a look at these photos and you will see what I mean. These animals are just magnificent.

I cannot remember enjoying a lion sighting as much as I did this. What superb specimens.