Satara 5-6th June

Satara 5-6th June

Wednesday, 5th June

This being their last day, Werner and Noleen have chosen to travel the beautiful Sweni S126 road. With the rising sun at our backs we meander along this exquisite road.

You will know by now that I really enjoy photographing birds but I hasten to add that I am no expert. So when we come across this splendid eagle nearby I am totally at a loss to identify him.

The only brown headed eagle that I know is the Booted eagle but he migrates and should not be in Kruger. I later consult some experts who come up with the answer. A Tawny Eagle in its adolescence is a pale creamy colour but after 18 months or so it begins to take on the rufous/brown colour of the adult. Strangely the head feathers change first giving this particular specimen his curious colouring.

A most remarkable feature but…… there are always surprises in Kruger.

We continue along this wonderful road seeing items of interest as we go.

Breakfast then at Muzandzeni before heading north along the S36 with the zebra again around the Rockvale water trough.

It is warm today with the temperature reaching 31 degrees C. A final lunch with Werner and Noleen at the excellent Tindlovu restaurant and then heading north up the main H1-4 road past bustards, ellies, kudu and others. I have been a little perplexed this year at the scarcity of the little Buttonquails after their abundance two years ago. At last I find one of these beautiful little birds on the grass verge.

Female Kurrichane Buttonquail

Idling back to camp we are treated to a traditional Satara sunset.

Thursday, 6th June

We bid our fond farewell to Werner and Noleen as they set out on their homeward journey to their home near Ladybrand in the Freestate. Renette and I would prefer to do a short trip today so again we head for the nearby Sweni S126.

Again we come upon a handsome eagle but today it is a magnificent immature Martial Eagle resplendent in his snow white plumage.

Oh my goodness how impressive are great eagles.

Next a Tree Squirrel sunning himself.

After our coffee at Welverdiend, we retrace our steps past the Sweni water trough where a small herd of buffalo are busy.

Back in camp we busy ourselves with some housekeeping.