Biyamithi Wed 5th December

Biyamithi Wednesday 5th December

1Km out of the gate at 4.30am and a tour bakkie alerts us to a leopard and cub walking some 80m off the road. It is too dark and far and they quickly disappear anyway. We are following the same route as yesterday but today the sky is clear and the air still and calm. Up the H3 tar there is evidence of yesterday’s rain but as we take the Mlambane River road S118 so the veld dries out.

There is no water in the river to attract animals so the drive is fruitless but nevertheless beautiful. We quickly take the S116 northwards and arrive at one of my Park favourites at 6.15am – the Biyamithi Weir. Unlike yesterday, it is perfect today. With no other water in the area this is a major drawcard for animals and birds.

We have not been there long when a herd of buffalo begins to come down the far bank.

Now yesterday and early today we did see a solitary lioness nosing about a bush on the far bank but it quickly disappeared.



Suddenly we see her stalking the herd to the right and as if from nowhere six other lionesses join her.





The buffalo turn tail and stampede off in a cloud of dust with the lionesses hard on their heels.

I quickly start the Quantum and climb the rise to get a better view and from here we see that the lions have called off their hunt and the only evidence left is a lioness perched on a rock staring wistfully at the buffalo.

A few meters further and we find another lioness next to the road with six cubs but such is their emaciated condition that I have not included a photograph. Having just marvelled at the beauty of the Hwange lions a couple of months ago, then it strikes me again how poor is the condition often of the Kruger lions. Possibly TB, I do not know.

Back at the weir we spend a rapturous couple of hours marvel at the heavy activity that pours in from all directions. Really Biyamithi Weir is truly outstanding.

By 9am the photographic light deteriorates and we leave to return to Bergendal  via Afsaal and then down the H3.

Back at camp we have lunch at the restaurant and marvel that the dam is now full of water from last night’s storm and already a flock of knob-billed and white-faced Ducks are enjoying the water. A great morning indeed..