Tuesday, 25th September  DAY 6

Tuesday, 25th September  DAY 6

We have put a mattress in the back of the bakkie and take it in turns to snatch a nap with the other two left on duty. So wide awake am I that I only sleep for an hour or so at 4.30am, waking as the sun is rising.

What a thoroughly exhilarating privilege it was to witness such a magnificent African spectacle.

I photograph a few birds as the sun rises but the day rapidly warms. Every day since we passed Harrismith last Thursday, the wind has blown from the east. Today it strengthens and dust billows around the bakkie at times. I suppose after the drama of last night, things end a little tamely but – what a fantastic time we had.

As 12 noon our vigil is complete and we thankfully pack and return to camp. This afternoon Dudley and I go to nearby Sinamatella camp to hand in the results of our count.

Returning to our Mandavu camp we retire to the lookout point with some beers and reminisce over the happenings of the past day. Just as happened yesterday at 5.30pm the elephants come pouring over the distant hill down to the water’s edge where we had sat yesterday. We are understandably a little zonked from lack of sleep and retire early. Tomorrow we pack up and move down to Main Camp, some 120Km’s distant.