Friday, 28th September  DAY 9

Friday, 28th September  DAY 9

I did make a list of the bird species that I would like to photograph whilst here in Hwange. So this morning Chris and Dudley take off for a drive in the bakkie whilst I stay in camp and take my camera and tripod and do a little stroll. Every single day since leaving KZN eight days ago has been the same – cool at night, warm during the day, a cloudless sky and an easterly wind during the day.

I begin by finding a pair of Bradfield’s Hornbills which I manage to photograph well. They are quite similar to the Crowned Hornbills back home. I next find a flock of Pied Babblers which I can now add to my photograph list.

I am on the trail of the Black-faced Waxbills and am delighted when two come down to our water dishes but frustratingly they are off before I can photograph them. It is rapidly warming and the lads return from their drive having seen a lovely pair of African Hawk-eagles.

We retreat under the dense shade of our Teak tree and begin to plan our trip home. This should take us back to Robins, Francistown, Modimolle and home probably Wednesday next week.

This afternoon we drive about 15Kms to Tsebe Tsebe Pan where we enjoy a sundowner with a scene of utter tranquillity.