Thursday, 27th September  DAY 8

Thursday, 27th September  DAY 8

Before sunrise we set out southward through truly impressive woodland. At Kennedy 1 Pan, the trees make way for grasslands that mark the course of “fossilised” river courses. Some of you may recall that it was here that the regal and iconic lion, Cecil, was lured out of the Park (using a lion call recorder) and then shot dead by that pathetic American dentist – quite rightly leading to a world outcry.

On to the Kennedy 2 Pan, again set in grassland, passing by herds of buffalo, wildebeest and zebra along the way. Here I photograph the Meyer’s Parrot.

We end up at Ngweshle Pan where we watch some ellies and then enjoy breakfast again at a most pleasant picnic/campsite.

We then return to camp with the weather heating up and the light deteriorating fast.

I have not sent out my blog for a week purely because of lack of signal. But here at Main Camp one can buy wi-fi so I seize the opportunity and now determine to send out my diary. But this is Zims. I have no sooner established my link and the electricity goes off – for hours. When it does return I then find that I have 155 inbox emails which rapidly gobbles up my airtime. But I finally make it and the diary goes out and folk can know what we have been about. Whilst I am busy with my computer Chris and Dudley take an evening drive to Nyamandlovu.