Letaba 24th Feb

Letaba 24th Feb

Sunday, 24th February

Lightning and thunder waken us in the early hours of the morning but little rain falls. When we leave camp at 5.30am huge thunder clouds hang in the morning sky with the odd roll of thunder.

We head west and again take the S131 gravel road. We stop at our pan for morning coffee and watch the birds begin their day.

The roar of a lion breaks the morning silence followed soon after by another – much closer.

Before long a male lion pushes his way through the mopane emitting the odd roar. He suddenly catches sight of us and, unusually for a lion, turns and disappears. Only when I enlarge the photo do I realise what a battered specimen he is with a raw bottom lip.

We continue along the S131 and after another 15Km’s or so encounter a magnificent black maned lion which is strolling towards us along the road.

After a while he turns into the mopane and we see him meet up with another huge male lion before they are both lost to view. I do wonder what the landscape would look like if the mopane were not there. My guess is that we would be amazed at how much game is hidden behind the almost impenetrable foliage.

We enjoy lunch with Bob and Katrin, a US/Swiss couple who we first met at Punda Maria two years ago and who we have kept in touch with. They absolutely love SA and Kruger in particular and are taking in the Sweni and Naphe Trails whilst here. It really is amazing how compatible one is with so many of our fellow campers. Particularly at this time of the year, Kruger seems to attract the real addict.

This evening I do a circuitous route out west coming back for a final look at our pan which has served us so well.

Knob-billed Duck

A final shot of a landing Knob-billed Duck before I must leave and with the setting sun behind me make my way back to Letaba for the last time. Tomorrow we pack early for Satara.