Sunday, 26th August DAY 9

This is our last day at Pretoriuskop as we move to Lower Sabie where we meet up with our second son, David and family.

But first we are going to enjoy watching the sunrise from Shabeni.

So at 6.11am the sun gently breaks through the haze on the horizon and turning from dull red, to orange to gold. At this dry time on the year the atmosphere is dusty and smokey and on every day the light is hazy.

We then do a last creep around the other koppies before descending to camp where we begin packing up. By 8.30am we are on the road ready for our 100Km trip via Skukuza.

Again, a strong cold front down in the Cape makes its presence felt in Kruger through a very hot prefrontal day. It is apparent that the rain that we experienced at Pretoriuskop was not as widespread as I have hoped and as we travel eastward so the veld becomes tinder dry.

We reach Lower Sabie at 11am and Dave has sms’ed ahead to say that they will be arriving after 2pm. In the scale of the match-box sized Lower Sabie campsites, we are lucky to find a shady one with a decent, unobstructed view of the camp.

David, Steph, Callum and Sohie arrive on time and move into their hut on the far side of camp. Thereafter they come over and join us for tea. Everyone is a little hot and bothered after our long day so we only venture out at 4.30pm and drift down the river road with Callum (3) at the wheel. We inspect a partially eaten impala that is hanging by a sinew from a branch. Then a little way down the gravel road (S28) after which we turn back and head for camp.

David who is well known for spectacular spots, picks out a Scrub Hare in the bush. We then expectantly await the rising of the full moon which happens at 5.45pm satisfying a sceptical Mary.

Back to camp and an early night for everyone. has predicted a strong south wind at midnight so we have battened down the awning and tent straps. And just as well – as on time we are lashed by a midnight gale. I here tent poles falling and canvas flapping but fortunately our’s stay secure.