Wednesday, 22nd August DAY 5

Today we are first at the gate at 5.45am which is important as we wish we get to the Mlambane River road as early as possible. With a light south wind blowing but little cloud, we travel quickly to the Mlambane turnoff where we have coffee before creeping along this oh so beautiful road.

But other than a Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl, well screened by twigs, we see nothing outstanding. Which is just how it goes in Kruger. When everything is perfect – nothing. And then when one least expects it – wallop.

Grey Duiker

Readers of my May 2018 blog will remember that my raging toothache was saved by an excellent young Indian dentist who practises here in Malelane. He suggested that I return for some minor repairs so Renette and I both visit him at 11am in town. He is such a fine young man who I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good dentist who charges reasonably. At 1pm Renette and I both return to Bergendal with numb mouths but happy to have got our visit out of the way.

This afternoon we go back to the Matjulu trough, refill our puddle and enjoy the show. But nothing untoward happens. The water level in the trough has dropped since we have been here and the solar pump is finding it difficult to keep up with the thirst of the animals. The trough has really been designed poorly. A rhino arrives but with the steep inner sides of the trough, he is unable to stoop low enough to reach the water and after a while leaves still thirsty. The giraffe, zebra and other animals can bend their legs a little more but the poor rhino, who already faces so many other problems, cannot even drink. I suppose the Crocodile River is that closest other watering point.

One could probably say that we have had two rather lean days but you Kruger fans will know of the great pleasure one derives from just being here. It is the most tremendous lifestyle with never a hint of boredom.