Bergendal 19-20th April

Bergendal 19-20th April

Friday, 19th April

David and Steph with Callum (4) and Sophie (1) are coming down from Jo’burg to spend the Easter weekend with us. Renette and I snatch a dark, cool morning drive along the Mlambane River before returning early to camp to prepare for our visitors.

When I arrived at Bergendal on Monday, mine was the only caravan in the campsite. Today campers are pouring in to enjoy the long weekend holiday. Fortunately, we have the pick of the sites. Our little family arrives on schedule at 10.30am and after bedding down go for a swim as the weather has cleared and warmed.

This afternoon we go out to the Matjulu water trough at 3.30pm with young Callum poised at a window in anticipation. He is not disappointed. We pass impala, rhinos, warthogs, ellies, zebra and kudu on the way and his eyes are out on stalks.

At the waterhole a small herd of buffalo are cooling off…

… whilst giraffe and ellies mill around the vehicle.

After our coffee we decide to drive along the Matjulu loop S110 and then double back later. We have only gone about a kilometer when we come across two cars tracking a male Leopard in the road.

Now with the holiday traffic heavy, the narrowness of the road plays in our favour as the rapidly growing traffic jam is confined to a long line behind us.

The leopard is remarkably calm as he strolls along eventually wandering into the long grass. The road takes a wide curve and driving ahead we are rewarded when he reappears and then spends a while stalking impala in the bush. We had the best view of him but the poor souls at the back of the queue missed this splendid sight.

Eventually, he takes to the road again and then enters the thick grass from which erupts a Grey Duiker.

What a fabulous afternoon for us all and we return to the crowded camp well satisfied.

Saturday, 20th April

Again we head for the Mlambane River road S119 but even though we get there first we are quickly overwhelmed by the traffic. Despite the beautiful golden morning we see little but enjoy the scenery.

We come back over the Steiberg S120 which is a picture this morning.

African Hoopoe
Burchell’s Zebra

Back in camp we have a swim with the children and then and excellent meal at the Tindlovu Restaurant.