Pretoriuskop 10-11th April

Pretoriuskop 10-11th April

Wednesday, 10th April

Today we are taking a breather and taking care of our admin and housekeeping. In calm partly cloudy weather we head for Hazyview past Shabeni koppie, along the S7 and S3 road and exit the Park at Phabeni Gate. We are struck again by the friendliness of the staff in Kruger.

After posting off something at Postnet and a little grocery shopping, we re-enter the Park and retrace our steps. From this angle Shabeni looms prominently before us.

Back in camp we spend the rest of a heavily overcast afternoon in camp doing odd chores. We are visited by Dwarf Mongooses, Barbets, Starlings and Guineafowls. The Guineafowl are roosting in the tree above us and their beautiful “buck-wheat” call serenades us so melodiously. Late at night one falls out of the tree and lands with a squawk on the caravan roof.

Thursday, 11th April

Today we travel along the Fayi Loop in again overcast weather. This is not conducive to good photos so my camera stays dormant. We do see a few Kudu and duiker but not much else.

An American couple stop us and ask us where all the animals are. We explain that Pretoriuskop is not a good game viewing area and they leave rather crestfallen.

Circling the Pretorius koppie in the afternoon, we come across this lovely pair of Klipspringer on a rock.