Lower Sabie 23-24th April

Lower Sabie 23-24th April

Tuesday, 23rd April

Out early across the dam bridge, we are heading for Salietjie S30 along the S128. The weather is beautifully autumnal – partly cloudy with mist patches. What a pleasure to be free of those ‘convoys’ of cars that patrol the Malelane roads.

Callum (4) informs us that he would like to see a cheetah “sitting on an ant mound” so with our sights set high we set off. There are always animals along the Mafourteen Road and today we come across two giraffe sparring in the road.

Goodness, but Salietjie is a picture this morning and along its length we only meet two cars. At the Nwatindlophu confluence we come across four Nyala rams drinking.

All along the road we see things of interest but I only ever photograph something exceptional.

We cross the river and then amble down the beautiful H4-1 Sabie River road where the traffic too is light. Just beyond the Nkuhlu Picnic spot, we come across two lionesses near the road which are eyeing something in the reeds.

The weather is so important and this morning could not have been better. Approaching LS camp, showers of rain sweep up from the south.

The sky clears in the afternoon and, leaving Renette and Callum in camp, I set off at 3pm up the H10 towards Mlondozi Dam. Turning off along the S29 gravel road, I come across a knot of cars watching some distant cheetah heads bobbing now and then above the long grass. There are always bird opportunities in the grasslands.

Black-shouldered Kite

The sun sets at 5.25pm now and as usual it attracts my camera.

I stop at the darkening Sunset Dam which always throws up something of interest.

African Spoonbill

Lower Sabie has such varied roads and unlike Bergendal, one can escape the traffic. It is right up there with our favourite camps.

Wednesday, 24th April

yr.no has got their weather forecast really wrong this morning. What should have dawned dark, overcast and rainy is instead clear, still and sunny – perfect for Sunset Dam. So leaving Renette and Callum in camp I take up my position as the sun slips over the horizon at 6.18am.

There is always a frenzy of activity at dawn with everything trying to fill its stomach for the day ahead. The African Fish Eagle Is swooping………

………. but for me the most interesting were the Great White Herons which ‘dance’ across the water disturbing the fish which are then scooped up in their bills.

Female Giant Kingfisher

The time flashes by and after two hours that ‘magical’ early morning light fades and I return to camp.

This afternoon Callum and I go out to Mlondozi Dam without disturbing my camera at all. A lovely April day.