Lower Sabie 30th April

Lower Sabie 30th April

Tuesday, 30th April

Some cloud is about over the eastern horizon so I abandon my plans to stay at Sunset Dam and again set out for the beautiful Salietjie S30 road.

Herewith some early morning photographs of the road as it passes through this most beautiful countryside.

The S30 road approaching the Sabie River
The H4-1 Road on the South Bank heading back to camp.

I regret to report that I have not a single photo of bird or beast for today’s efforts. Which does not mean that I saw nothing at all but rather that nothing stirred my fancy to photograph. I did see a sleeping lion in dense shade but with jostling cars about, I just moved on.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the month of May – that idyllic time along the eastern lowlands of the country. I do hope for some exciting sightings.