Lower Sabie 1st May

Lower Sabie 1st May

Wednesday, 1st May

Today breaks bright, clear and still – perfect for Sunset Dam. So at 6.18am I am set up and my two targets are already perched in the large dead tree to the right.

I would dearly like to photograph a fish eagle catching a fish with talons outstretched. Although they are very active, they are not cooperating by swooping directly down upon a fish. Rather, they fly low across the water surface catching fish as they see them which makes it very difficult for me to anticipate when they dive.

I spend a happy hour with them before they fly off to the nearby river.

Sunset Dam is a hive of activity at this time.

At peace with the world.
Grey Heron
Squabbling Egyptian Geese

Today really marks the beginning of the typical South African winter. Besides being the 1st of May, today is the first day since we arrived in January when there has not been a trace of a cloud all day long. The colours are all pastel – khaki coloured grass, browns, greens all merging into the pale blue hazy sky. And being the lowveld, it is still warm and balmy.

This afternoon I go down to Gomondwana S130 and then cut across to the Duke water point S137.

The veld is drier and the grass shorter down here and there are many grazing animals about.

Sabota Lark

After a thoroughly enjoyable drive I make my way back to camp just as the sun sets as molten red ball through the haze.