Bergendal-Satara 30-31st May

Bergendal-Satara 30-31st May

Thursday, 30th May

With Werner and Noleen aboard, we are down the tar S110 to the H3, up again over the Matjulu bridge and right onto the S114 gravel road. We meet the sunrise just before we reach our destination, the S119 Mlambane river road.

Again the dawdle along this road is just idyllic but again very little stirs. On the western S118 section of the road we do meet two lovely white rhinos which do seem peaceful and content.

This has been a feature of our visit to Bergendal which is so heartening. Too often in the past we have come across traumatised white rhinos that have behaved very differently from their normal docile selves.

Back to camp by 9.30am where we enjoy a typical May day in this most lovely setting. I have said before that Bergendal must be the best planned camp in the Park with large tracts of natural bush providing shelter to so many birds. My only problem here is the traffic volume on the limited roads.

This afternoon we go out to the Matjulu water point together with an array of other cars. After 4pm word goes around that a leopard is trying to breech the line of cars which block its path to the water. Once the cars have cleared somewhat after 5pm we venture to the spot and have a view of the back of this harassed leopard’s head through the bush. I suppose rather interesting but I look forward to the solitude of so many of Satara’s roads.

Friday, 31st May

As soon as it gets light we begin to pack for Satara. Werner and Noleen are going to take a more leisurely route whilst we are going to hot-foot it. If one is going to secure a decent campsite then it is important to get in early. So at 6.50am we bid farewell to Bergendal and head north for Satara. Keeping strictly to the 50kph speed limit, we reach our destination at 10.15am being only delayed twice by buffaloes crossing the road.

Our plan works as we find a good campsite just before other campers arrive. In no time the camp and tent is erected ready for Wener and Noleen who arrive at 1.30pm after an uneventful trip up.

This evening we go out to the Mavumbye stream along the S90 north of Satara seeing, some typical grassland birds and animals.

I am afraid that this report is a bit thin but that is sometimes how it goes in Kruger. Tomorrow we hope to get down to some seriously game spotting.