Satara 14th May

Satara 14th May

Tuesday, 14th May

After bidding farewell to Roley and Verona, Renette and I wisely avoid the ‘lion kill’ Sweni S126 road and rather move down the Nwanetsi S100 river road. With most of the early morning traffic diverted to Sweni, we enjoy a quiet drift along this picturesque road. Like yesterday, the sky is bright and clear which from a photographic point of view, has its drawback. The ‘good’ light only lasts for a couple of hours after sunrise before becoming harsh and unattractive. Far rather some thin cloud or hazy atmosphere to soften the light.

That early morning light is well illustrated by the following photo of two courting but oh so common Swainson’s Spurfowls. Taken an hour later the scene would be drab and uninteresting.

Down at Gudzani Dam we have breakfast next to this idyllic scene.

Of interest and unusual were a small flock of Black-winged Stilts that were noisily interacting across the dam.

Thereafter back up the S100 to camp where at midday we have a most pleasant lunch at the Tindlovu Restaurant where again we are struck by the smiling, happiness of the staff in Kruger.

This evening we go out to the Mavumbye pool along the S90 Old Main Road and enjoy this very attractive lily covered piece of water set within a dry, brown landscape.

Egyptian Geese
Malachite Kingfisher