Bergendal 29th May

Bergendal 29th May

Wednesday, 29th May

After 8pm last night a gunshot rings out close by and I speculate that the ranger is dealing with a troublesome hyena. However, this morning we are told that they were firing off a round so as to frighten off a leopard within the camp. This took place at the petrol station, within 100m of our campsite.

With lions roaring around the camp, Renette is kept busy with visitors to our campsite last evening after the camp had retired for the night. First a bushbuck comes right up to her chair. Then a nagaap springs about in the branches above her followed by a spotted genet that settles down next to us.

Yesterday we were first out the gate and saw nothing. Today we are a little tardy and follow the stream of cars out at 6am. Around the corner we find a mass of taillights as the cars trail some lionesses and cubs down the road.

We hang back and are rewarded when a big black mane comes out of the grass right next to us roaring as he goes. He then settles in the grass a way off the road where he has his eye on a lioness.

Meanwhile the sun slips over the rim of hills to the east brightening up our black mane who rises and again begins to deafeningly roar.

He then settles whilst he suns himself before sauntering off into the thick bush after the rest of the pride.

Plans to complete the Matjulu Loop are shelved and we rather go back to the water trough, scene of our leopard excitement last night.

There is never a dull moment here what with the plentiful birds and animals.

After a really lovely morning, we drift back to camp with our faith in Kruger well restored.

Werner and Noleen are due in this afternoon so I am going to send out the day’s report now whilst I have time.