Satara 4th May

Satara 4th May

Saturday, 4th May

Another clear May day although it is forecast to be a pre-frontal 35 degree hotty.

Of course we head straight for our favourite Sweni Road S126 and despite the camp being full, no one at all follows us. So we have this beautiful road all to ourselves and we see interesting little sightings all along the way.

Dwarf Mongoose
Black Shouldered Kite
Red-billed Oxpeckers on an Impala

Stopping briefly at the Welverdiend water hole we retrace our steps and come across three Lilac-breasted Rollers performing in flight and in voice. Now these extravagantly beautiful birds, like impala, tend to be overlooked because they are so common. But in the right light they are really striking.

Finally coming back over the Nwanetsi Bridge we look down on a small herd of buffalo in the river bed.

This afternoon after some rather uncomfortable heat, we head out west to Girivani and Nsemani Dams which are very attractively full. Without seeing much special we return to camp at 5.30pm.