Satara 11th May

Satara 11th May

Saturday, 11th May

Roley and Verona (Renette’s cousin) have joined us from Howick and this morning the four of us set off along the Sweni S126 road with a partly cloudy sky. We enjoy the usual sights and have coffee at Welverdiend waterhole with its fast shrinking pool of water.

We push on and towards the end of the road come across two lovely lionesses in the road.

We then stop at the Muzandzeni Picnic Spot where the attendant points out a very sleepy Scops Owl up a tree.

Brown-headed Parrots are busy feeding in the tree around us.

We then take the S36 road northward past Rockvale onto the main H7 Orpen Road and get back to camp at 11am. The morning is filled with interest.

This afternoon we head out to Nkaya Pan and come across this lovely sight from the Nwanetsi Bridge.

It is certainly not just the big cats that can stir the senses. Next a large ellie comes stomping along the road.

Down at Nkaya Pan, some 15Km south of Satara, we enjoy an hour watching the evening’s goings on.

There is a surprisingly large croc perched on a rock.

We leave again for camp at 5pm after another thoroughly enjoyable day filled with non-stop items of interest.