Lower Sabie 2-3rd May

Lower Sabie 2-3rd May

Thursday, 2nd May

A thick mist greets the day so I leave Sunset Dam and continue to Nwatimhiri S21. It does not take long for the rising sun to burn away the mist leaving the most beautiful meander along this, one of my favourite roads.

However, all is again quiet and coming to the end and not wishing to face the corrugations again, I continue around via Skukuza to the H4-1 river road. I cross over the low-level bridge over the Sabie River hoping for an African Finfoot but no luck.

Low-level bridge over the Sabie near Skukuza

I drive down the H4-1 road and coming to the high-level bridge, I cross over and spy a magnificent Martial Eagle drinking from a pool in the river bed. I do a quick 4 point turn on the bridge and just as I lift my camera, he flies off and I lose a chance of some really good photos.

Sabie River from the High-level Bridge

Back down to camp at Lower Sabie on another glorious May day where I do some tidying up in preparation for our departure for Satara tomorrow.

This evening I sit at Sunset Dam and photograph birds.

White-crowned Lapwing
African Spoonbill
Water Thick-knees
Grey Heron
Black-winged Stilt
Yellow-billed Storks heading for their night roost

Friday, 3rd May

A brisk northerly wind is ruffling the surface of Sunset Dam so I forego the chance of sitting there. Instead, I leisurely pack up our camp and then drive up the H4-1 river road heading to Skukuza Airport. I am regularly held up by lion induced traffic jams which are rather difficult to negotiate with the caravan. Renette has been in Jo’burg for a week helping with family issues and today flies back at 11am.

The Airlink plane lands on schedule and we set off northwards for Satara on what is now a hot mid-30’s degree day. The veld is now really wintery – all shades of brown.

The campsite at Satara is full and we are very fortunate to find a pretty good site on the northern fence against Struben Guest House. What a pleasure after the cramped conditions at Lower Sabie to have some privacy in the sprawling Satara campsite. We look forward to tackling the varied roads on offer at this, our favourite camp.