Lower Sabie 13th March

Wednesday, 13th March

At first light I am hard at it packing up and at 6.30am I leave the camp set for Lower Sabie. In clear weather have an uninterrupted two hour trip the highlight of which was the magnificent view from atop Mkombe Mountain across the green plains with a backdrop of large fluffy white clouds.

Whilst Letaba is the best camp with the worst surroundings, Lower Sabie is the worst camp with the best surroundings. The small, pokey campsites are so close to each other with few affording good shade. Despite Lower Sabie being the most sort after camp in the Park, it always seems to have the worst management. I take my washing to the laundry which is hidden, unmarked in the tented area and I find only one washing machine which is……. broken. Phukile!! So I return to a kitchenette and despite protests from the duty staff, hand wash all the clothes in a basin.

And that dear folks marks the end of the first phase of our trip. We have been in Kruger for 52 days of our 152 day sojourn and the time has flown by. Tomorrow I drive to Jo’burg and then fly to Cape Town where I join Renette for the marriage of our third son, Gareth to Sarah. Renette and I then return to Kruger on 25th March and we will continue here until at least 16th June. My next blog will go out on 26th March. Thank you for being with us and we look forward to sharing with you our next adventures.