Lower Sabie 28th March

Lower Sabie 28th March

Thursday, 28th March

All six of us on board today as we leave camp at 5.30am at the head of a queue. With another overcast sky and sunrise at 6.10am all is dark as we turn left and head for the bridge.

Within half a Km from camp a leopard emerges from the grass into the light from the headlights. Ahead the reflection in the eyes of what we take to be a hare attracts too the leopard that begins to stalk it. Cars are beginning to pile up and before long both the “hare” and the leopard disappear into the grass. It is only later when I look at Renette’s movie do I seee that the hare is in fact a genet.

After this excitement we head again for Salietjie which again is so beautiful but so quiet. With the sky dark and grey and the air cool the birds seem to be lying low today.

Woodland Kingfisher

Down the main Sabie tarred road H4-1 we eventually come to Sunset Dam which is always guaranteed to provide some interest.

Gareth and Sarah arrive at 2pm for five days of their honeymoon and together we enjoy the late afternoon at Sunset Dam.

Grey Heron

The Grey Herons seem to have generally adopted the strategy of riding on the hippo’s backs as they move under water. This disturbs the fish which become targets for the herons which lunge forward snapping them up.

An evening Crocodile

We end off another lovely day enjoying a meal at Mugg & Bean together with Gareth and Sarah. Tomorrow Steven, Jacqy, Calvin and Amy return home to Richards Bay whilst we move camp to Skukuza.