Satara 3rd March

Satara 3rd March

Sunday, 3rd March

We enjoyed yesterday’s drive so much that today we are doing the same route but in reverse. The sky is clear as we head north along the main (H1-4) tarred road and then after 7Km’s turn right onto the S90 towards Gudzani East. Every sunrise has its different mood and this morning’s sun arrives as a dull, hazy, red ball.

The grass plains are again alive with game and we stop to enjoy the herds of impala, zebra and wildebeest.

Blue Wildebeest
Black-backed Jackal

I am sorry if I repeat myself but this scene is really something to behold. Far ahead an ellie trudges along the road with the Lebombo hills as a backdrop.

Chestnut-backed Sparrow-lark

We turn down the S41 towards Gudzani and have a wonderful time viewing birds and animals. We suspect that we are not seeing cats because we are already so content with what we see. In the 42 days that we have now been in the Park we have not come across one jam of cars at a cat sighting.

By the time that we reach the S100 Nwanetsi River road, the sky has clouded over and we head back to camp.

I then go out for a while and succeed in capturing a shot of the very pretty White-winged Widowbird in flight.

This evening we head north for an hour along the H1-4 and come across this very impressive tusker with a ragged right ear lobe.