Sunday, 26th November DAY 12

We leave at 4.30am, bound for our favourite – the Biyamithi weir (S114). There is fairly thick cloud after the rain but it does show signs of breaking. After seeing more hyena we reach the weir just as the clouds begin to open up and a watery sun breaks through.

After the rain the place is a real spectacle in glorious morning light. A Blacksmith Lapwing has been sitting on its nest completely out in the open on a sand bank and again attacks anything that comes near. A fish eagle alights on a nearby tree and the Blacksmith launches a high energy attack.

After being harassed for a while the fish eagle leaves and the Blacksmith returns to its nest. We chat to a young couple who are doing a birding trip right to the top end of Kruger – such decent people. We are parked tightly up against the weir with ample space to pass by but an irate motorist insists we must move because she “doesn’t want to have to drive through the water” – which is a little mystifying.

Black Crake

We then quiet creep up the river road (S23) and after the rain it is difficult not to be moved by the beauty of it all.

Goodness folks, we do grumble a bit but we must never forget the unique splendour of the African bushveld. We do see quite a bit – the odd ellie and rhino but nothing extraordinary. But what a fabulous morning.

Lunch on the riverside sundeck, a nap, a swim and then out on the Doispan road (S1) for our evening drive

The air is cool and clear and perhaps you will see from this photo how beautiful it all is. Again, nothing exciting but just a great day in Kruger with plenty of little snippets of interest.