Monday, 27th November DAY 13

A heavy deluge of rain at 3.30am awakens me. With a cold south wind blowing as well, we decide to stay in this dark morning.

After tending to my internet requirements, we take off at 9.30am down the Sabie river road heading for Salietjie (S30). The weather is still a bit miserable so we don’t hope for too much. I am sure that you will understand that with our forthcoming move to Simbithi fast approaching in January, our minds are not fully focussed on game spotting as we continually discuss logistical plans.

What promised to be a fruitless drive is spectacularly rescued by a beautiful Pygmy Kingfisher which is busy hawking insects from a low branch. I am a little naughty in driving a few metres off the road to get this shot, but it was well worth it – and I didn’t get caught this time. This one moment made my day and that sums up Kruger. There is always the unexpected coming from nowhere.

This evening we went out in still dull conditions and saw some lionesses and cubs along the Maroela Loop (S83). When I go for my late shower, I see the half moon has broken through the clouds so here’s hoping for a beautiful day tomorrow.