Saturday, 25th DAY 11

Rain starts drumming on the caravan during the night. Like a Charlie, I forgot to put up the rain gauge but as an estimate we probably had about 20mm. At 5.30am there is a little respite so we set out to do the Maroela Loop (S83). In dull, rainy weather we see exactly squat and return to camp empty handed.

Female Green-winged Pytilia

The rain continues intermittently throughout the day and I take a couple of photos of birds near the caravan.

Female Yellow-breasted Apalis

I venture down the Lower Sabie (H4-1) in the early afternoon without success and return to pick up Renette at 5pm. We drive out over the Sand River (H1-2) and see some lions on the far side of the riverbed.

Not our best day but that is Kruger – win some, lose some.