Thursday, 16th November DAY 2

Today we have arranged to meet Jenky and Chane down at the Lower Sabie Mugg & Bean for breakfast at 9am.  The rain certainly has been general and all the way down there is evidence of water gushing over the road (H4-1). A light south wind is blowing and it is quite cold and cloudy.

We note a rather unattractive metal structure that they are building at Nkukhlu Picnic Site presumably to provide shade for parked cars. Surely they could have designed this monstrosity to be a little more appropriate to its surroundings.

Black Shouldered Kite

Without seeing anything further extraordinary we meet up with Jenky who, with Chane, has been staying at Ngwenya Lodge just outside the Croc Bridge gate.

We have a most enjoyable breakfast with them hearing all about Jenky’s work exploits at his new lodge near the Timbavati. It really is wonderful that he has found such happiness in an environment that he clearly loves so much. Here he and Chane are on leave and where do they go? Kruger of course. Jenky has bought himself a 500mm Nikon lens and a 200-400mm zoom so I think we can expect some great photos coming from the two of them shortly.

The weather is a little unpleasant with a brisk south wind blowing so we fly back to Skukuza. This evening it is still heavily clouded but fortunately from tomorrow the weather is improving. We go out again across the Sand River (H1-2) and then do the complete Maroela Loop (S83) without seeing anything out of the ordinary. We will be out at 4.30am tomorrow and decided then where to go depending on the weather. It is great to be back in the swing of Kruger.