Thursday, 30th November DAY 16

Our visit to Lower Sabie somehow just has not got going. With the weak internet in camp we must go to Komatipoort today to finalise our Simbithi move and do some grocery shopping.

Red-faced Cisticola (courtesy of Hugh Chittenden)

But first I leave Renette to get things ready whilst I pop up to Hugh Chittenden’s Red-faced Cisticola spot near the petrol bowser. I set up the bird caller and ten minutes later, in come a pair of these little non-descriptive birds. But they are a new species for me and I am delighted to get some good photos.

We set off for Croc Bridge but first decide to check whether the Bat Hawk is still in his tree near the dam wall. Amazingly he is and is even better placed for a good photo. I will pay him a visit later in the day when the light is better.

So in cloudy weather, we head southward down the S28 with plenty of birds about but not much excitement. Through the exit gate and into the new Shoprite in Komatipoort by 9.30am. I seize on the chance of a Wimpy breakfast and do my internet work at the table. With all satisfactorily concluded, back into the Park and back to camp by midday.

I leave Renette and rush down to find my Bat Hawk and am so happy when he obliges by turning around and facing me. Fortunately with the traffic thundering past all day he is pretty streetwise and is quite settled while I photograph him.


Late afternoon and we sit in evening sunshine watching the passing show at Sunset Dam. There is not a moment when something is not happening and we enjoy a really pleasant couple of hours there.

Juvenile Black-winged Stilt
Black-winged Stilt
White-fronted Plover
White-crowned Lapwing

So not a very exciting day for the non-birders but perhaps tomorrow will perk up as we take the Nwatimhiri Road – weather depending.