Tuesday, 12th June DAY 26

Cloudy with a light south wind and we take off at 6am bound for Timbavati. Fast up the main tar road (H1-4)  and then after 16Km, we cut across (S127) west to the picnic spot. Bursts of sunshine do occasionally break through.

We then get onto this most picturesque of roads (S39) and creep along but despite really looking hard, we see nothing unusual. And that is Kruger. When everything is right and the light is just crying out for an obliging subject, nothing presents itself. Then when one least expects it – wallop.

Coming back along the Orpen – Satara mainroad (H7) we see a family of Dwarf Mongooses whose entrance to their bushy nest is directly onto the tar. We stop and watch them as they exit their front door directly onto the road and then scurry back in as cars speed by.

This afternoon we go south down to Nkaya Pan but nothing at all comes down to drink. We note the skull of the rhino and how the skeleton has been completely dismembered.

So, not the best of days but like all good fishermen, one must keep one’s line in the water.