Wednesday, 13th June DAY 27

Day 26.  Wednesday, 13th June

We are heading down the busy S100 today but first allowing for the pack to get ahead. So at 6.10am we exit the gate but everything is enveloped in a really thick mist.

We find a slight gap as the sun rises but the mist then again closes in and visibility is reduced to 100m maximum.

Since the extraction of my wisdom teeth at Malelane I have been on an antibiotic and painkillers and today they finish. And I feel it. I suppose that it is inevitable that one should feel the consequences of leaving two gaping holes in one’s gums and today I have a dull headache and some pain.

Which does not lead to any enthusiastic game spotting. So we turn around and return to camp where I spend the day trying to recover as best as possible. So, after the excitement of the Painted Snipe we have come crashing back to earth and the past two days have not been very productive.