Saturday, 2nd June DAY 16

So warm was it yesterday evening that I was walking around without a shirt on. Amazingly and without any wind, the temperature plummets and we have the coldest night of the trip. We awake to a still, bright but cold start and decide to go out to the Naphe Boulders loop (S11) and then creep back with the rising sun at our backs. A nippy wind springs up from the south and it is rather unpleasant so we head back to camp where I leave Renette at the caravan.

Now I am on the trail of the Striped Pipit that I have seen before at the koppies but never photographed. So I spend the next two or three hours there.

No pipit but I did manage to photograph the rock loving Mocking Cliff Chat and the Arrow-marked Babblers well.

The joy of photography is that one can always improve on what one already has – even a toppie.

Arrow Marked Babbler

Back at camp, Renette and I take a midday stroll down to the swimming pool where some of the overseas tourists are sunning themselves on the rocks. The wind has dropped and it is again a lovely day. There are many little historic spots around Pretoriuskop and little points of interest. In fact it is a lovely camp. We note on the sightings board that a leopard was seen on the Naphe Boulders earlier so we missed out.

A little lunch at the Wimpy and we then do domestics about the caravan before setting out on the Fai Loop for our evening drive. Nothing much to report but a thoroughly lovely day in a beautiful part of Kruger.