Thursday, 14th June DAY 28

Zombie like and rather gatvol from pills for my sore mouth, we take off down the tarred road (H6) to Nwanetsi. A northerly breeze suggests that a front is hitting the Cape but otherwise all is bright and warm.

We have our breakfast on the Sweni causeway (S37) but in my gaga state I have forgotten my cellphone (birdcaller) in camp.

We then wander along the gravel road (S41) towards Gudzani and at the Nwanetsi causeway, come across a remarkable sight.

In the fast shrinking pools the barbel and other fish are now concentrated making easy pickings for the birds. Marabou, Saddlebill, Grey, Yellowbill, Black and Woolynecked Storks, Hammerkops, Green-backed Herons, Three-banded Plovers, Pied and Giant Kingfishers are all in on the feast whilst a Fish Eagle keeps watch from nearby.

Black Stork


Male Saddle-billed Stork

We spend a good hour watching the spectacle.

I am not a happy chap so we shoot up the S100 to camp where I retire to bed.

This afternoon I am feeling a bit better and we amble again down the S100 which is always interesting.

Immature African Hawk Eagle


Immature Black Shouldered Kites

Our neighbours in camp are the Hiemstra’s from Richards Bay who were very friendly with Peter and Myf Terry-Lloyd – so we have much in common and much to talk about. We soon find out that they are keen card players so we enjoy a most pleasant evening being serenaded by a roaring lion nearby whilst a hyena prowls up and down the fence line looking for titbits.

The Hiemstra’s are camping in a tent and vow never to return because of the infestation of mice and rats at night time. Now I have not seen our usual African Wildcat on this trip and I have not heard any owls about so something is out of balance somewhere. We are thankful for our sealed caravan and make sure that the door is kept closed at night.