Monday, 21st May DAY 4

Monday, 21st May

Grey and overcast we are headed to Salietjie (S30) today. The problem in winter is that the 6am gate opening time is too easy for everyone. We arrive a couple of minutes before and the queue stretches all the way to the circle near the clock tower. So we miserably follow as the hoard pour out onto the roads.

We amble down the Sabie river road (H4-1) taking the loops which are quiet and devoid of animals and birds. We have our coffee on the high level bridge amongst a troop of baboons and are discouraged to see about fifteen cars heading down Salietjie (S30) ahead. We nevertheless follow but the road too is very quiet.

Eagle Tawny024


We do however come across an immature Tawny Eagle that has been feeding on an impala carcass in the grass.

Turning around we come across a gang of guarded Parks women who are meant to be spraying alien plants. They are grouped together peering into a clump of bushes right next to the road. With much squealing and laughter they tell us that a python has just slithered therein. Certainly no work has been done today.

Back up the Sabie road (H4-1), we come to a car parked at the side of the road with a Chinese man standing next to it with his wife 20m away in the bush on the other side of the road taking photos. To compound this bizarre sight is a ‘drone’ on the roof of the car which the Chinese tourist is about to launch, presumably to take aerial photos. A line of cars builds up behind us and we see looks of bewilderment on their faces as they are bollocked by everyone.

Back in camp we go to see how the hotel is progressing. It really is a large two storey structure which I suppose is aimed for the middle ground between the ordinary chalets and the exorbitantly expensive lodges. Whatever, the congestion around Skukuza is going to be even worse. Roll on Satara where we are going tomorrow.

This afternoon it is the Sand River and the Maroela loop but again very little to report. It must be the ageing eyes.