Monday, 18th June DAY 32

This will be our last day of our truly memorable 32 day trip to Kruger. We have had an exceptional time experiencing many “electric” moments. Of course the weather at this time of the year is just superb in the Lowveld and I cannot remember having to wear a jacket once during the day, spending most of the time wandering around without a shirt on. The only negative for me has been my wisdom teeth which certainly put a damper on the past twelve days. Happily, today is the first day that I can say that I have fully got over the experience.

Travelling out with the very laid back gate times here (5.50am) we immediately come across two lionesses at the side of the road (H4-2) in the dark and illuminated by car headlights. This is a feature of Croc Bridge where one is likely to see a cat within 1Km of the gate.

We then proceed to the Vurhami Bridge where again the two Saddlebills are already fishing in the ponds.

Two Fish Eagles are again in attendance.

One Saddlebill catches a fair sized fish and takes it to the bank to deal with it whereupon it is mugged by a Fish Eagle that swoops down and robs it of its catch.

Thereafter these storks set about catching smaller fish which they can swallow ‘on the run’ but one again catches a fish too big to swallow.

Moving towards the bank another Fish Eagle swoops down but the Saddlebill flicks the fish back into the water rather than give it to the Fish Eagle. It was most amusing to see how incensed the Fish Eagle was, crying out in anger. It strikes me how this little exchange is what makes Kruger so special. There is far, far more to it than the Big 5.

Then quietly up the (S28) gravel road towards Lower Sabie, double back and go and check on the Martial Eagle at Hippo Pools (S27). Back to camp for lunch.

This afternoon we go out past Hippo Pools (S25) towards the Malelane direction. Coffee on the causeway and a creep back to camp with the setting sun behind us.

We come across this splendid Lappet-faced Vulture close to the road.

The road is very picturesque and well treed.

Back on the tar we find the resident pack of cars scrumming to get a glimpse of a very distant view of our streetwise Cheetah with her cubs.

And that folks is that. We have spent 32 days in the Park and are sorry to leave after a glorious time. I hope you have found the diary interesting.